Scholarship Program

We aim to provide a new generation of professionals


Since the beginning, the Foundation has been actively promoting education through its scholarship program. From two initial partner schools in 1999 —University of the Philippines and Mapua Institute of Technology —the Foundation now extends a helping hand to 25 partner universities and colleges.

With an average of 100 college scholars in its early years, the Foundation is currently supporting more than 400 students a year. These students show academic excellence in the fields of business, engineering, accountancy, information technology, architecture, communication arts, interior design, social sciences, hotel and restaurant management and tourism.

This year the foundation has added high school scholarships both for public and private high schools. Aside from full scholarship grants, these students receive stipend and allowances.


Scholarship Program
Testimonial from Ma. Teresa Bilo-Co
Testimonial from AMIR AUDITOR


Magna Cum Laude, BS Economics, UST


“Ever Grateful to Megaworld”


How often do you feel fortunate? Fortunate not because you won a lottery but that someone drove you on your way to the stars. That is how Megaworld Foundation Inc. has helped me.


Because of financial difficulties, I stopped schooling when I was 15 and was unable to finish high school. But then after surpassing the challenges that came my way with God’s grace, I was able to go to college and finish a Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree at University of Santo Tomas with magna cum laude honors and was in the Top 4 of the AB Quadricentennial Batch at the age of 29. All thanks to having been a full scholar of Megaworld Foundation from 2nd semester of 2007 to 2011, which opened vast opportunities and has shown me where my education and determination to succeed can take me.


I was triumphant to have been able to jump into an exciting professional environment at Deutsche Bank Group a few days after my graduation. After 3 months, God surprised me when I was offered my dream job and company, Nestle Philippines Inc., as Area Sales Supervisor for Ice Cream and Fresh Dairy in Panay. I absolutely loved every bit of what I did in Nestle, but I had to move on with another chapter in my life. I left my blooming career in the Philippines and moved to New Zealand last November 2012 to join my husband, John Co, to whom I am married to since July 2012. Now, I’m about to delve into yet another chapter in my life…being a soon-to-be mom. Without the generous bursary and guidance of Megaworld, I wouldn’t have achieved all these. Together with the love and support of my mother, the scholarship allowed me to further develop in everything I wanted to do. Overall, being a Megaworld scholar has benefited me in an excellent way that has been healthy for my education, career and for my personal being that I hold dear in my journey throughout life.


Congratulations on your 15th year and all the best, Megaworld Foundation Inc. I could speak for days on end about what you have done for me. However, it all boils down to one thing: direction. For that, I cannot express adequately just how grateful I am.


It won’t be the same experience for you but it will definitely blow you out of the water and get you ready for the future. Your regrets aren’t in what you did but what you didn’t do. The scholarship is a relay and I can’t wait to hand over the baton to you. Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned from the blessings of being a scholar that I have seized over the years: that life is what you make of it.



Internal Auditor, Megaworld Corporation


When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams and hopes in life. I dreamt of becoming a famous personality, a nurse, a doctor, a banker, the president of our nation, or even a famous actress. I love to hear stories about successful people. Hence, I promised that someday I will become like them and be an inspiration to others as well. This is really my heart’s desire and my always prayer whenever I talked to Him.


I truly want to turn these dreams into reality. Indeed, whatever we want needs a corresponding action. Therefore, I strived hard in my studies believing that education is my best weapon. God rewarded my determination and gradually answered my prayers; thus, I graduated as the class valedictorian, both in elementary and in high school.


By earning these awards, I was given a scholarship grant in University of the East. I took the risk of studying in that expensive and well-known university despite the fact that the scholarship will only be granted for one semester and may only be continued by maintaining high grades. When this thought finally sunk, I started to worry. I came from an ordinary family. My parents were not able to finish their studies. My late father was a soldier and my mother ventures in a small business for us to have another source of family income. Despite this fact, we still encounter financial difficulties. Nevertheless, they always instill in our hearts that education is the key to success. That’s why even though we are not rich, they did everything to give us a good education.


But not all the time can we get what we want. For in this world, a story always has its twists and turns. I am an optimistic person. I am a fighter. I worry less. However, during those times, a different me started to arise. Along the way, anxiety built in me. I feared that my dreams will stay as a dream. I felt the uncertainty and did not know what will happen next. All I can do that time was to throw all my worries to God.


This was when Megaworld came into my life and I considered it, finally, “HIS answer”.


It is a heartwarming memory as I look back when I started college and not yet a Megaworld scholar. My family was not capable of supporting my studies, even my personal allowance. They borrowed money from different people just to be able to provide for my needs. It broke my heart, because despite the fact that they were really striving to support my dreams, still, I felt that I was a burden to them. I even thought to just work instead. But in the light of all these, Megaworld gave me an opportunity to pursue my goals in life, until I was able to obtain my degree, and finally pass the CPA Board Exams.


I thought that Megaworld would only be part of my college life, but I was wrong. Figuratively, Megaworld is my foundation, and it will always be part of whatever I build for my tomorrow. It reaches to its scholars to be a part of a huge and continuously growing company, while sharing knowledge and learning experience at the same time. For 4 ½ years as a Megaworld Foundation scholar and currently as part of Megaworld Corporation, I am very grateful.


It is now my chance to thank Megaworld for giving many less fortunate young bright minds to keep on dreaming and believing that life is fair to anyone who believes in the power of education.


Most of all, I thank God, the source of all life’s great surprises, for giving Megaworld as “HIS answer” to my heart’s desire.


Internal Auditor, Megaworld Corporation


I am a man with a bigger dream, and for me, taking risks is always an opportunity. That is why other than the one thousand five hundred pesos in my pocket, it was faith and courage that brought me in Manila.


Being a class valedictorian, I was entitled to a full scholarship in any university but looking at my social status, my family is incapable of financing my daily expenditures as a college student. In order to survive, I have to work; I tried to apply in a fast food chain but it wasn’t my destiny at all. For several months it was getting worse for me; I have to walk around 4.5 kilometers from Sampaloc to Adamson University and to eat flakes everyday to fill my empty stomach. My only chance to eat healthy and delicious food was when my classmates asked me to do their homework. I was in despair until Ms. Alice Quilicot, Director of Office for Student Assistance and Scholarships (OSAS) asked me to apply for Megaworld scholarship. It saved my dying hope. Aside from that, I will no longer worry for the miscellaneous expenses; since the foundation will provide for full stipend. That was the start of my academic stardom, since I can focus on my studies, maximize my time and even manage it well.


For four consecutive years, I was awarded as a Dean’s Lister and Top Accountancy Student. I was able to join organizations and was elected as president for Junior Philippine Institute of Accountant (JPIA-2011-2012) and Adamson University Student External Auditors (AUSEA-2010-2011) and as auditor of Adamson University Student Government (AUSG-2011-2012). I was even nominated for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. I had the opportunity to share my talent and skills when I joined the Vincentian Mission wherein I realized how fortunate I am to be a Megaworld scholar. For almost five years, it opened a lot of opportunities that I will never have if I was not a scholar. The very reason why I love charitable works is that I am a proud product of it.


After I graduated as Magna Cum Laude and passed the CPA board examination, my priority is to work with Megaworld Corporation. Not because of the salary, not because of the employees, but because this is where I know I can finally say I am home. This is where my dreams will be finally fulfilled. Currently, I am an auditor under the Executive Division of Megaworld. And I am proud to say that I am not only happy, but at the same time, fulfilled as a Megaworld employee.



Site Electrical Engineer, Newport City

Megaworld Corporation


“It was a dream, now it happens”.


I became a Megaworld scholar in June 2007 and graduated in Polytechnic University of Philippines with a five year course - BS Electrical Engineering. I am genuinely thankful to Megaworld Foundation for helping me and my family substantially.


Before and after my application with Megaworld Scholarship Program, my family was facing financial problems because both of my parents had no job. We are four siblings in the family. Two of my little brothers were in public school; one in elementary and the other was in high school. My eldest brother did not continue college after he graduated in high school. We were renting a small apartment in San Juan, Metro Manila but bearing in mind the cost of living, my family decided to move back to our province in Visayas.


Graduating in high school with honors drove me to pursue my college in Metro Manila. With my mother’s support and hard work for the expenses of small apartment rental fees for my stay here, I decided to pursue my dreams through scholarship applications, including Megaworld Foundation. By the time I learned that I was one of the recipients, no words can express how much it meant to me and to my family. I felt the weight was lifted from my shoulders.


Every semester for me was a challenge in motivating myself to do better and better in my grades so that I can make the foundation proud. I engaged myself in leadership and academic organizations and quizzer’s pool. I was a captain of Philippine Electrical Code Team in our school and became 3rd Placer in National Quiz Show in February 2012. The foundation not only helped in my school fees but also helped in my thesis, field trips and seminars, and design projects in school through allowance or stipend, which I received and saved every semester.


As a Megaworld Foundation graduate of 2012, I strived to do all my best in my studies and changed my perspective towards my goals. It’s an overwhelming experience to feel how a scholarship can inspire a student’s life in relation to his dreams and goals. Megaworld Foundation has inspired mine. I am now a double-licensed professional. I passed the board exam with good grades in Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) and with distinction (10th Placer) in Registered Master Electrician (RME) in the month of September 2012.


Today, I am part of Megaworld Corporation’s workforce as a Site Electrical Engineer in one of the premier projects of the company in Newport City. It has been over half a year now in the company and it has been a great feeling that I am able to help my family, particularly in the studies of my brothers. Thank you to Megaworld Foundation and happy 15th anniversary of supporting and inspiring the youth.


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